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Read my clients’ testimonials to have more ideas about my trauma-focused therapy.

What People Say

Have more ideas about my trauma-focused therapy services here at True Mission Services in Virginia Beach, Virginia by reading my clients’ reviews. Read their testimonials below.

“Mrs. Avant worked with me to understand how much my past situations impacted my life and she helped me to work through all of it. I never felt judged and she always made me feel heard and valued.”


“I use to be against therapy, because I felt like (what’s the point). Mrs. Avant helped me to overcome different challenges in my life, view things differently and understand my Worth! Thank you!”

-Meka A

"Rosa is amazing, thoughtful, kind, understanding. Very good for helping people get to a better headspace of thinking of their problems. I cannot recommend her enough, she helped me change so many things that I struggled with from childhood."

- Maya B

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